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Laser Gum Treatment

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Laser Gum Treatment

All of us would be wondering that gums bleeding may be normal to pay attention. According to the professional dental association (PFA), just 10% of adults who have gum disease are aware of it, a major reason why we don’t have knowledge about gum surgery specialist in Chennai. Ignorance may result in gingivitis, puffy red gums that bleed when you brush or floss. There may not be any pain associated with this condition. Laser Gum Treatment cost in Chennai to control the infection caused due to the tissue that holds the teeth in place. Scaling and laser root canal treatment is recommended during the initial stages if you wish to incur less gum treatment cost. During advanced stages, gingival flap surgery is advised to prevent tooth loss which is one of the leads of periodontal disease.


Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) is one of the more successful treatment alternatives to conventional surgery. The acceptance to this process is increasing as it demands patients to visit only two times, one postoperative appointment for an evaluation and second at 30 days post the procedure to have a supra-gingival prophylaxis. Also, focussing on the recovery part LANAP stands for itself when compared to the traditional periodontal surgery.

Advantages Laser Gum Treatment:

  • Prevents future gum infections
  • A beautiful smile
  • Improves breath and alleviates irritation by removing calculus and bacteria
  • Lesser risk of cross-contamination
  • Reduction of bacteria within the infected gum

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Laser Gum Treatment Cost Chennai | Laser Gum Surgery Specialist | Periodontal Full Mouth Flap Surgery
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Laser Gum Treatment Cost Chennai | Laser Gum Surgery Specialist | Periodontal Full Mouth Flap Surgery
Laser Gum Treatment - Senthil Dental Care provides the best Laser Gum Treatment in Chennai that performs laser gum surgery at affordable cost for improved bone formation with no side effects.
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