Invisible Braces

What are Invisible Braces?

These are also known as clear aligners and are of transparent polyurethane material that guides in the reiterated movement of your teeth at your desired position. We only offer  variants of USFDA approved dental braces for longstanding durability and ease of comfortable convenience.

How Does It Work:

  • The clear aligners are virtually invisible and fit aptly on to the dental structures of any shape and alignment.
  • These dental aligners (invisible braces) are customized based upon your gentle teeth movement either horizontally or vertically and further rotates with the desired dental occlusion.
  • The best of these braces is that it is easy to handle, detachable and promotes effective teeth movement during hard bite and the variants chewing habits.


  • Non-toxic and pose no risk to teeth and gums
  • Transparent and very easy to handle
  • Painless process and easily removable
  • Enjoy any food hassle free

Duration of the treatment is lesser when compared to normal braces

For international patients

For more details on cost and duration of invisible braces please email us the following details:

  • Dental OPG
  • Photograph of missing teeth.


On evaluating the inputs, we will reach-out with the procedural details.

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