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Tooth Impaction Surgery cost

Impacted teeth usually occur because of crowding or lack of space in the bone. Third molars (wisdom teeth), particularly the lowers, are the last to erupt and are more likely to be impacted because of crowding and difficulty with cleaning, decay in adjacent teeth, as well as gum disease which occurs often. With lower tooth impaction surgery cost in Chennai Surgical removal of impacted teeth is often recommended, but may be optional unless the dentist recommends. The tooth removal surgery is usually a minor painless procedure and can be done using local or general anesthesia. If the impacted tooth is not removed, it may lead to gum diseases, decay and bad breath, damage to the adjacent teeth and may cause cyst.


  • Prevents inflammation and infection of gums
  • Overcrowding and damage of surrounding teeth is reduced
  • Prevents bad breath and decay
  • Avoids pain / swelling of the jaw

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