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Tooth Implants in Chennai

What are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are well built solid titanium frames that aid you in replacement of missing teeth in mere terms of tooth impaction process. SDC provides you low cost dental implants in Chennai which is a good reason to not delay your consultation. and we provide best zirconia dental implants clinic in Chennai.

Types of Dental Implants

  • Wondering if there is best dental implants as per your requirements?  Here are the various types of implants available at SDC.
  • Single | It replaces one of your missing teeth along with its root using a hard fit implant and a dental crown or cap.
  • Cross-sectional | This is not similar to the single dental implants as they sensibly minimize the fracture of distortion and fits precisely in place of your missing teeth.
  • Complete | These complete dental implants serve the need for replacing your missing teeth for an entire row of dental alignment structures if it corresponds to more than a couple of teeth replacement.
Dental Implants Services


  • Improved aesthetic facial appearance.
  • Sophisticated bite or betterment in food chewing.
  • Facilitates hinder-free oral speeches.
  • Comfortable smile and a pleasing personality.
  • One of the finest methods of tooth replacement techniques.
  • More cost-effective and gets back your confidence level further.

Conventional Replacement with Delayed Loading Implants:

  • In this method of replacement technique, six dental implants are placed on a single arch with a two-stage surgical treatment and includes material of quality standards.The process gets completed once the artificial teeth are being mounted once after six months of surgical treatment procedures.

Dental Replacements With Immediate Loading Implants:

  • These kinds of dental replacements can be placed in any type of bone alignment and can get you functional as well as good looking teeth in less than one week of time.These forms of dental implants are predominantly advised to patients with diabetes, hyper blood pressure and smoking addictives. Moreover, it is painless and requires no additional grafts.

All on 4:

It implies cost-effective strategic replacement methods of your missing teeth with the advent of just four dental implants. Apart from the other surgical treatments, this is a quick chair side surgery which is pain-free and necessitates only four dental implants for the entire process completion with the benefits of international warranty.

Zygoma Dental Implants:

They are used in terms of intense maxillary bone loss when no other dental implants fit in place of this bone structure and alignment pattern. The Zygoma Dental Implants get primitive support from the hardest part of the facial bone region, especially from the cheeks.

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For international patients

For more details on cost and duration of Dental Implants please email us the following details:

  • Dental OPG
  • Photograph of missing teeth.


On evaluating the inputs, we will reach-out with the procedural details.

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Best Dental Implants Clinic Services | Zirconia Dental Implants & Tooth Implants Cost in Chennai
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Best Dental Implants Clinic Services | Zirconia Dental Implants & Tooth Implants Cost in Chennai
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