Clips and Braces

Clips and Braces

These are the fastest method of tooth movement with braces fixed on the tooth. These braces help in correction of crowded teeth, overbites or under bites, incorrect jaw position and disorder of jaw joints. The bonding cement is placed onto the back sides of the braces, which are then placed onto the teeth. The brackets are placed in a very precise position onto the teeth, and excess bonding cement is removed. If the bonding cement is light sensitive, a bright blue light is used to “cure” the glue.


  • Conventional : These are traditional braces which bonds to the outer surface of the teeth and a sleek wire runs horizontally to the clips which tends to move the teeth in a desired manner. The clip and wire is holed with a changeable elastic called modules. These modules needs to be changed once a month. Braces used are of metal and usually comes in the color white
  • Superfast : Unlike the traditional braces; the wire runs through the small metal clips which is attached on the teeth which giving a continues force on the tooth movement. This force makes the teeth to move better, hence faster treatment time. These braces are smaller compared to the conventional braces providing more comfort during the treatment. Braces used are of metal and usually comes in the color white.


  • Helps in faster tooth movement
  • Simple chair side appointments
  • Comfort to patients cheek and tongue
  • Prevents bad breath
  • Good oral hygiene

For international patients

For more details on cost and duration of clips & braces please email us the following details:

  • Dental OPG
  • Photograph of missing teeth.


On evaluating the inputs, we will reach-out with the procedural details.

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