Child Care Dentistry

Otherwise known as paediatric dentistry, this majorly focuses on oral care for infants and children. Cavities have been a major concern seen in children. This is due to the over consumption of sugar candies, chocolates and soda. We at SDC, provide care and treatment through our speciality diagnosis and evaluation.

Prevention and Benefits:

  • Early risk assessment of decay and cavities through regular consultation
  • On time treatment and care for dental injuries including a damaged or fractured teeth
  • Correct evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of orthodontic conditions which includes misaligned or crooked teeth and improper bite
  • Children will overcome anxieties and fear of treatment

Beyond the brushing and flossing habits children rely on adults to take care of their teeth. That’s where we search for a oral health care which constantly reminds us of how to develop good oral hygiene ensuring we are on top of the child’s health because “The Earlier The Better “

Opening Hours

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