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Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism is a sub-set of Medical tourism which involves individuals seeking dental care outside their local health care systems and sometimes accompanied by a vacation. Equipped with the latest technology, we at SDC offer treatment on par with international standards. The process starts by inviting foreign nationals to our clinic in Chennai. The initial consultation is through online platform (VC). Once the requirement is confirmed a clear procedure is planned out and discussed with the individual, post which we align and customize the treatment schedule as per the patient’s requirement / travel itinerary. The charges can be paid at regular intervals from the point of discussion or at one go during the process.

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Effects  Of Cigarette Smoking Effects of Cigarette Smoking

Over the years, we have heard and seen the effects of cigarette smoking in form of lungs failure, TB, cancer, etc. Smoking also has a big impact on your teeth and gums. It has been a major cause of gum disease across many countries. The infection can affect the bone structure that supports your teeth, staining and loss of tooth, bad breath and in severe cases it can lead to mouth cancer as well. In general it would limit your mouth’s ability to fight infection against any bacteria...

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About Tooth Arrition Tooth Attrition

Tooth attrition is commonly referred to as the loss of the enamel structure of the tooth. It is caused by tooth to tooth contact, resulting in loss of tooth tissue and sensitivity. The loss can be defined as pathological in nature, requiring an intervention by the dental practitioner. This is caused due to the vigorous brushing technique and sometimes due to the habitual clenching of the teeth...

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