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Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism is a sub-set of Medical tourism which involves individuals seeking dental care outside their local health care systems and sometimes accompanied by a vacation. Equipped with the latest technology, we at SDC offer treatment on par with international standards. The process starts by inviting foreign nationals to our clinic in Chennai. The initial consultation is through online platform (VC). Once the requirement is confirmed a clear procedure is planned out and discussed with the individual, post which we align and customize the treatment schedule as per the patient’s requirement / travel itinerary. The charges can be paid at regular intervals from the point of discussion or at one go during the process.

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Zirconia dental implant clinic Is replacing teeth very crucial?

Before we start our discussion on the importance of replacing teeth, let us make our self informed about what dental implant is? Dental implants are nothing but a surgical positioning of a screw like titanium into the jawbone.These are used to support a dental crown, bridge or dentures. The implants could be done for single tooth to several teeth..

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Best Teeth Scaling Polishing Cost, Best Teeth Whitening Clinic In Chennai Clean it Quick – Scaling and polishing

We all were grown up hearing the common advice to brush our teeth twice a day. But how many of us actually put to work the same? Admit it or not most of us haven’t taken proper care of the teeth as required. While some of us never realised the importance of it and the rest were taken aback by the fear of the dental chair.

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