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Dental Tourism is a sub-set of Medical tourism which involves individuals seeking dental care outside their local health care systems and sometimes accompanied by a vacation. Equipped with the latest technology, we at SDC offer treatment on par with international standards. The process starts by inviting foreign nationals to our clinic in Chennai. The initial consultation is through online platform (VC). Once the requirement is confirmed a clear procedure is planned out and discussed with the individual, post which we align and customize the treatment schedule as per the patient’s requirement / travel itinerary. The charges can be paid at regular intervals from the point of discussion or at one go during the process.

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Gum Treatment Cost Chennai, Gum Surgery Specialist, Periodontal Full Mouth Flap Surgery Gum Treatment Cost in Chennai, Gum Surgery Specialist

All of us have undergone this at least more than once in our lifetime but most of us tend to ignore the same. Yes, you guessed it right; this is about the most common dental problem, Gum Bleeding. Majority of the population notices a bit of red while brushing and flossing and to all of

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Like we have feelings our teeth can have fillings too! Well, comparing the amount of rising in dental issues, cavities are no big deal to pay attention at. But are you the one who resides on the prolonged pain or someone who has configured the change in the shape of the tooth but ignored it

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